Esprit Couture

EDOUARD VERMEULEN, Belgian couturier – Couture Natan (Weekend Knack, 17 december 2014)

“A nice panelling gives character to a home interior. My preference for panelling dates back to my childhood, during regular visits, together with my parents, to the beautiful hotel Merghelynck in Ypres, a museum full of wonderful 18th century panelling. Panelling involves more than a wall lined with wood. Such a wall gives proportion and structure to a room. Two formal concepts I also aim to add to my couture.  In an interior are the lines that giving depth and perspective, the most important.  There is no difference with clothing.”

Traditional Panelling

DAVID SALMON, Arthur Brett (House & Garden, April 2012)

“If what you are hoping for is an authentic-looking, traditional panelling it is the best to have it made by a cabinetmaker and not a joiner. The difference in their skills is immense. A cabinetmaker will be able to provide carving that is deep and crisp, and you will have the option of incorporating smart and functional furniture into the design, such as bookcases, chimneypieces and shelves. Good panelling becomes part of the structure of a house. It is timeless and may add value to a property – so long as it is done correctly. Not many people realise how much potential it has. In the past, we have constructed panelling to conceal a wall of screens in the house of a stockbroker, and made hidden doorways to secret rooms.”